S/V Crazy Love

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Carolyn and I wanted to explore Sausalito and we weren't confident about the dinghy dock situation, so we got ourselves a slip at Clipper Yacht Harbor for three nights at $1/ft plus a three dollar a night charge for power. The nerve! The marina was clean, with recently renovated restrooms with heated floors and lots of hot water. The luxury!

There was a lot to do and see in Sausalito. On our first day, we walked a mile and a half into town for Friday Night Jazz. Can you believe it, they allow alcohol in a public park. In San Diego, we'd be considered criminals for listening to music and having a glass of wine. The missing ingredient here is any sort of warmth. When the concert started at 6:30pm, the sun was still warm, but the cold breeze was uncomfortable even in jeans and a jacket. While we were still in the park we decided the Bay isn't the best home for us when we return to real life. I mean...if mid August isn't shorts and t-shirt weather there's a problem unless we're talking about the Southern Hemisphere.

Friday Night Jazz at Gabrielson Park in Sausalito

On Saturday, we went to the Bay Model Visitor's Center. It is a warehouse sized model of the San Francisco Bay and surrounding water used to simulate tides. We're geeks, so we enjoyed a three hour visit.

The entrance to the Bay Model Visitor's Center
The Bay Model; In the center of the photo you can see the Golden Gate Bridge.

After the Bay Model, Carolyn made an amazing Clam Chowder that she's written about in the In the Galley section on this page.

On Sunday we walked to the modest Sausalito Farmer's market at Dunphy Park. It had the essentials, but wasn't worth hanging around like the some of the other's we've experienced this summer; notably Santa Cruz.

The farmer's market was on the way to town where we hopped on a bus to Mill Valley for some beer tourism. Our destination was Mill Valley Beerworks. We sampled some beer, had a snack, and walked around town. Mill Valley is beautiful town with tall (I assume redwoods?) trees everywhere and a town square worth checking out if you are ever in the area.

Mill Valley Beerworks taster

Our trip to Mill Valley didn't last but a few hours, an enjoyable few hours, but we had seen enough so we hopped back on the bus to Sausalito. For dinner in town we planned to hit a tiny restaurant with a green awning that said simply Hamburgers. The line, for takeout only, was 25 people deep. We waited in line on the sidewalk for 30 minutes until we could squeeze in the door to order. It was worth the wait, on par with In and Out or Five Guys.

Harburgers restaurant; that grill is spinning slowly.  Notice the people in line on the right side of the photo.  Sorry for the glare!