S/V Crazy Love

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Finally Ready

Well it has been over a month since our sayonara party and yes we're still here in HI ... but not for much longer.

The boat is finally to a point where we're ready to throw off the lines and sail off - I know you've heard this before but I feel really good about our final plan! Its been a very busy few weeks with a few unanticipated boat repairs (as always!).

This is the plan:

  • Final walk through and turn in apartment keys Friday, 15 June
  • Visit Customs & Border Protection for our exit papers Friday, 15 June
  • Fresh provisions Saturday, 16 June
  • Return rental car Saturday, 16 June
  • Relax at marina Sunday with any final boat fixes
  • Monday, 18 June which is only a little more than 2 weeks late, the usual for cruisers ... sail off (of course the forecast has very light winds at this point... but fingers crossed). Our first destination - Fanning Island of Kiribati.