S/V Crazy Love

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We're Still in Hawaii

Our first day sail with the new sails and newly working engine.  We tucked in a reef very soon after this photo was taken

We're still in Hawaii but we're 95% ready to go. The last couple weeks have been quite busy. This is what we've been up to:

  • New sails fitted & tested!!! They are glorious.
  • Engine repair complete (new shifter installed, fuel tank reinstalled)
  • Car died & donated to Make a Wish Foundation
  • Broke wind vane, repaired wind vane
  • Replaced gaskets - hatches, ports, and engine access
  • Revived the head - sea water pump didn't work but we fixed it for $0
  • Galley water pump doesn't work, but we've ordered a replacement from San Diego
  • Successfully tested navigation lights
  • Installed shelf in closet to store fresh stores
  • Resurrect the depth sounder. It only needed a little more anti-freeze.
  • Replaced the other jib sheet lead car after the sheave broke during our first day sail
  • Moved dinghy to marina (Thank you Chris!) and launched for the first time
  • Stocked boat with water (bye bye waterline) and dry stores.
  • Given notice to Kailua landlords and marina management
  • More going away parties than we can count - we've made a lot of great friends in Hawaii
Intricate surgery was require after Dave broke the windvane (and help from a local welder).
He floats! More about the dinghy later

Here's what we need to accomplish before we can head South:

  • Vacate apartment
  • Move everything else onto the boat - kitchen & clothes
  • Organize everything on the boat
  • Provision fresh produce
  • Get exit papers from Customs
  • Test wind vane under sail
  • Close bank, electric, gas, etc accounts
  • Check the weather
  • Throw off the dock lines already!

Fingers crossed, we head South to Fanning Island next week.

Rosie and Dave under sail for the first time in a while.