S/V Crazy Love

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Adios Mexico

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Dave and I are in final preparations for departure to Hawaii. It looks like a weather window has opened for Tuesday of next week for us to get off the coast and into the trades. We are really, extremely excited!!

The new VHF with AIS.
Now we don't have to worry about AA batteries.  Now this will be powered by the boat's 12 volts which are in turn powered by the sun.

Dave installed the fans, the new VHF and wired in our GPS. We have armed and secured our new-to-us life raft. I have loaded the boat down with food with exception of fresh items such as carrots, cabbage, eggs, etc. The boat is fueled up. The waterline is sinking due to the added weight of our secured 50 gallons of potable water. Our final load of laundry is being cleaned as we write this post. The boat is ready. The crew is ready. We can't wait to go!

Not just one fan but two were installed. One for each of us.
Just a small part of provisions for the trip.

We have set up the inReach so you can track our progress. Our intention is to at least track our position daily and every so often leave a message on the map. (See the big red text at the top of this post for a link to the map). BUT just because we haven't checked in, doesn't mean we're lost... it could mean a number of things such as dead batteries, forgetfulness of the crew, error with the technology, etc, etc. Remember we have multiple ways to hail help if we need it. Please don't worry about us.

We plan to check out of Mexico on Monday. This will be our last blog post until Radio Bay, Hilo, Hawaii.

Adios Mexico. It was a great time and we hope to return soon.