S/V Crazy Love

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Two Sisters and a 6 pack + 1 from San Diego, 26 February - 10 March 2014

Visitors!!! Alicia arrived first. We met her at PV airport and headed back to Sayulita for a week in a beach bungalow. Amy met us a few days later.

Bungalows at Junto al Rio on the beach in Sayulita.
Sunset in front of our beach front bungalows.

The food in Sayulita was amazing from the street tacos to Burrrito Revolution to the beach donut vendor. And did I mention the churro man? Amazing!! We even had a little kitchen where we made good use of una licuadora for smoothies in the morning with mangos and yaca.

Yaca otherwise known as jack fruit for sale in Sayulita.  Good in smoothies.

Hey when you live on a small boat, it's the little things you appreciate (like a real bed too). We didn't spend the entire time eating, there was plenty of lazing at the beach. We also made it out to La Cruz for Sunday market and a day cruise with the sisters where the wildlife in the bay did not disappoint. Thanks for sharing some of your pics Amy.

Out for a day sale with Amy and Alicia.  That is Dave in the photo as well.
A blue footed booby sighting.
A Frigate bird.
These two little swallows hitched a ride out of the marina.

The next wave of visitors hailed from our home port of San Diego. They came in a pack of 6 plus an Uncle. We spent the next 5 days eating and drinking to our hearts content at an all inclusive on the beach of Nuevo Vallarta. One evening we took a water taxi to PV proper and indulged in some fabulous Thai food from Archie's Wok...not a taco on the menu!

A collage of the San Diego visitors.  The mysterious Uncle Carroll did not make it into the photo shoot.  Courtesy of Janet's post on facebook.

It was a wonderful visit with family and friends. Thanks Alicia, Amy, Kevin, Janet, Dennis, Lindsay, Bob, Candace, and Uncle Carroll.