S/V Crazy Love

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A Break From Life at the Marina, 21-25 February 2014

Looking relaxed heading away from the marina.

Dave and I were itching to get out on the sea again. We decided a few days at anchor before our visitors arrived were necessary. After our return from Guadalajara and a birthday celebration for Will on Thalassi, we loaded up the boat and headed to Islas Tres Marietas where we heard the snorkeling could be great.

Sailing from La Cruz to Tres Marietas.

We pulled in on a Friday evening and grabbed one of the few bright orange mooring balls provided for boaters by the national park. It was a lovely sunset with a dinner from our favorite chicken spot in La Cruz, Tu Pollo. We awoke early, had a lovely breakfast of Dave's pancakes, saw the water was a bit choppy and cool yet for a snorkel and proceeded with a lazy morning. It seems this meant a post breakfast nap for me. I awoke to Dave having a very stern discussion with someone. I peeked my head out and the little bay was full of boats and people, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and generally having a good time. Apparently one of the tour boats was in need of the mooring ball and they were not taking no for an answer. Rather than share the mooring with a rather large boat we took off for anchorage across the way at Punt Mita where we spent the next couple nights very relaxed. We headed back to La Cruz and the arrival of our guests.

Sunrise at Punta Mita before heading back for our visitors.