S/V Crazy Love

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Banderas Bay, Take 1

Puerto Vallarta from the highest hill we could find.

We've been in Nuevo Vallarta for 9 days. The boat work is complete and we are ready to move on. The lee cloths are ready to be tested - may we not need them! The jib furling drum is attached - may the new fasteners stay in place! The bottom is clean, the stove fuel is stocked, and everything is secure. The plan is to leave tomorrow morning for Chacala.

Will, aboard S/V Thalassi, promises a heavenly anchorage at Chacala, with little rolling, cold beer, and good swimming. Via email he said, "I am pretty sure you won't be disappointed." I like how he hedged his bet there. We will be heading North before we go South, but we're not on a schedule so it won't hurt unless it ends up being a bash. To break up the 47 mile trip and any potential bashing, we'll anchor just South of Punta Mita (slashing 13 miles from the trip) and then maybe one other spot South of Chacala. I'm hoping we can find the anchorage at Sayulita - the cruising guide doesn't mention it, but I've heard there is an anchorage. I'm keen to hit Sayulita later in our trip to try a little surfing. The warm water becons.

After we spend some time in Chacala, we will go South past Banderas Bay, to Bahia Chamela. But that's a few weeks away still. Our plan could completely change between now and then. I love the unscheduled life!

View from the water taxi.

Despite the boat work, we still had time for fun touristy activities. Yesterday, we took a water taxi into old Puerto Vallarta. Old Puerto Vallarta isn't as Americanized as Nuevo Vallarta so we weren't offered a timeshare or ATV rental quite as often.

The stairs we climbed to get the first photo.
The view looking North from half way up the hill in Puerto Vallarta.
We decided this wasn't a tourist building.

On Wednesday, Rosie and I walked down the strip of mega-resorts that makes up Nuevo Vallarta in search of a day pass at an all inclusive resort. We weren't comfortable with the prices at the first few resorts so we kept walking. After a two mile walk, we found the public beach access where there was a great beach club called Etc. They had palapa roofed cabanas with lounge chairs, cold, beer, and decent food. The water was in the high 70s, the air temperature was 80 with a light onshore breeze, the sun was hot. Winter is good in Banderas Bay. We shall return!