S/V Crazy Love

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Corona Commercial Christmas

This is the Corona commercial Christmas we were after.

Before Carolyn and I quit our jobs and moved onto the boat we told our friends and family we were looking for a "Corona Commercial Christmas." We found it, in abundance, in San Jose del Cabo with our friends, and newlyweds, Chris and Carol. Vacation with these guys never disapppoints. Chris and Carol, thank you for joining us for Christmas! We love you guys.

Chris and Carol made this nice snowman just above the surf line in front of the hotel.

For the week surrounding Christmas, we rented a condo on the beach between Cabo San Lucas and Cabo San Jose. The condo development is called El Zalate. The condo had two big bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a full kitchen and a beautiful balcony with pool and ocean views to the South. It could not have been better...except the owners could have left a decently sharp knife for us to use in the kitchen.

The weather all week was perfect. About 80 degrees with clear skies and a little breeze to make sure we didn't get too hot. What do we do with nice weather? Of course we laid around the pool and went swimming in the ocean. We didn't stay in the condo complex the entire week though.

Carolyn ready to snorkel in her wetsuit.  It was really warm in the car with the wetsuits on.

On Christmas eve, we took a two hour bus ride out to Cabo Pulmo - the only hard coral reef in North America, so we've been told. Unfortunately, the wind was howling in the Sea of Cortez, so we were not able to see the reef in person. Instead we snorkeled in Bahia Los Frailes.

Sea lions in Bahia Los Frailes.
The panga we took from the beach to the snorkeling spot.
Chris and Carolyn having fun after snorkeling.

We were disappointed that we couldn't snorkel on the reef, but mostly for Chris and Carol's sake. Rosie and I plan to be back in the Sea of Cortez when it warms up in the spring, so it was no big deal for us.

While we vacationed in Cabo San Jose, Crazy Love was docked in Puerto Los Cabos for the modest (after the lunacy of Cabo San Lucas) fee of $35.10 per night. When the 'vacation' was over we returned to the boat, cleaned her up, had one last meal at El Marinero Borracho (The Drunken Sailor) before getting back to our grand adventure.

The plan WAS to head up into the Sea of Cortez - La Paz specifically - but we made a gametime change in plans that significantly effected our latitude. We're in Nuevo Vallarta, right next to Puerto Vallarta. It turns out that our gametime change of plans was the right move except for the big lump in the side of my head.

We hope you had a merry Christmas and wish you a happy and healthy 2014.