S/V Crazy Love

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Snorkeling in Santa Maria Cove

The beach at Santa Maria Cove isn't big but it is never busy in the morning.
The party boats that join us for a few hours every afternoon.

Every day of our stay in Santa Maria Cove has been paradise. The sun is warm, the water is warm, the beach is easy to get to, and we have plenty of people watching to keep us entertained. We snorkel and swim in the morning before the party boats come in. When the party boats start to come in at 11am we soak up the sun while we're watching the tourists learn to paddleboard and snorkel.

That's me snorkeling in Santa Maria Cove.
That's Carolyn snorkeling in Santa Maria Cove.

The snorkeling is as good as I've ever experienced. Except for the lack of sea turtles, it has been just as good as Hawaii. I look forward to much more of the same this winter and spring.

Probably the best photo we took underwater.

It felt like the fish came out of nowhere sometimes. One moment it felt like there were no fish, and the next I was surrounded by them.

There was a big school of these fish every day we went snorkeling.
These reddish fish would surround us out of nowhere and come right up to the camera.

Santa Maria Cove hasn't been all play. We replaced an aging spinnaker halyard while we were here. These two huge pelicans helped me splice the shackle onto the halyard.

The pelicans helped me splice a new spinnaker halyard.

Slight change of plans, we got ourselves a slip at Puerto Los Cabos and canceled our reservation at IGY Cabo San Lucas - Puerto Los Cabos is $10US a night cheaper than IGY. We'll be pulling up the hook tomorrow to head into the marina until after Christmas.