S/V Crazy Love

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Visiting Crew

This past week we were excited to welcome some visiting crew onto Crazy Love. My mom, my sister Michele, and our nephews Theo and Chaz took advantage of fall break to visit us during our stay in San Diego.

Theo could not believe we live on a boat so we had to show him around and of course take him out for a sail.

Theo liked the boat and the sailing but told me we should definitely do something about that smell (from the head). We do have a bit of plumbing to fix before we head to Mexico.

Theo I promise its on the list!!

Theo and Aunt Rosie

Chaz took to the boat right away. Uncle Dave better watch out, competition for that Captain job.

New captain?

It was a typical beautiful, sunny day on San Diego bay, light winds and since we could go during the week limited traffic.

Mom came along too!

Crazy Love with her crew made it back to the dock after a lovely sail (and most importantly no one took an unanticipated swim.)

Aunt Rosie with Michele and her boys

We also had some fun at the world famous San Diego Zoo and Sea World.

Uncle Dave became a favorite for his height advantage.  Sea Turtles!

It was a great family visit and a nice reprieve from the boat work. Now we get serious... just about 2 weeks till we head south!