S/V Crazy Love

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Monterey to Santa Cruz

Sorry for the lack of update since we got to Santa Cruz. Our inverter (the gadget that allows us to charge the laptop on the boat) got wet on the trip from San Simeon to Monterey. In addition to smoke and a high pitched whine, the inverter no longer charges the laptop. I think it will go in the round file soon. A marine grade unit is in our future. Anyhow...on with the narrative.

Crazy Love at Anchor in Santa Cruz.

After a day of maintenance in Monterey Municipal Marina on Monday, we headed for Santa Cruz. We tried to get fuel, but the line at the fuel dock was significant. Since the wind was blowing 10 knots from the West, we decided to wait until the next port for fuel. The trip to Santa Cruz is about 20 miles which took us a little less than 5 hours. It was a great sail and there's not much more to say about it except that if more folks had Tuesdays like ours, there would be fewer aggressive drivers in the world.

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz has great weather. Ever since we left Santa Barbara, I've been cold and the sun has mostly refused to show itself. Since we arrived in Santa Cruz, the temperature has warmed and the sun has come out every day. That's lead to some lovely sunny afternoons anchored (for free!) off the beach where we get to hear the constant sounds of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. On Wednesday, we rowed Peeps (the dinghy) to the public landing on the wharf and headed to the Farmer's Market to reload on fruits and veggies. We also picked up a most excellent piece of Albacore Tuna that Rosie applied some sorcery to in the galley and made our most excellent meal of our trip so far. Note to self: We need to start fishing!

Boardwalk Carnival

The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk from the deck of Crazy Love
Rosie with an excellent corn dog at the  Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk.

On Thursday, Rosie convinced me we needed some carnival rides. I've never been much for roller coasters more violent than Pirates of the Caribbean, so we went on the "Pirate Ship," a tame family friendly ride. After the ride was over - I didn't have a terrible time - I got my choice of rides. I chose the corndog and a beer ride. It was an outstanding corn dog. I really forgot how good carnival food is. Maybe I'll go back to the Del Mar Fair one of these days.

The ride Rosie chose for us.  It wasn't so bad!
Dave's favorite ride at the Boardwalk

On our way back to the boat, Ideal had a decent happy hour for a beach bar, so we stopped for a few pints. A few pints takes the edge off the 500 yard row back to the boat. We didn't even get wet. Hah!

Dave at Ideal happy hour

Right now, its Saturday, I'm sitting in the 515 Kitchen and Cocktails drinking a Uncle Dave's Rye IPA, writing this blog entry, and waiting for the laptop to charge. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon. I hope your's is just as nice.