S/V Crazy Love

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Port San Luis

Port San Luis at Avila Beach is a quiet port and a bit isolated. This makes for a lovely vacation spot, but a challenge without a vehicle. Essentially public transport is available Thursday through Sunday or its a $45 cab ride out. Oh and the water taxi only runs Thursday through Monday.

We arrived on a Thursday evening, anchored for free overnight then "rented" a mooring ball for the week near the facilities of the pier. Its only $1 for a 5 minute shower here, a real bargain. Friday we cleaned ourselves up and wandered into the town's Fish and Farmer's market. I'm still not sure where the fish was, but you hardly miss it since this market has live music and a continual view of the Pacific.

We were very fortunate to arrive in time for our good friends' wedding shower and BBQ.
If you haven't had central coast tri tip and sour dough at a family BBQ, I highly recommend! The Durham family was very welcoming (and picked us up at the pier) and we thank them for the hospitality and the yummy leftovers. Congrats to Carol and Chris, we very much look forward to the wedding in November!

Dave and I with Carol and Chris at Shell Beach

Monday was our 5 year anniversary. Its considered a good thing that the years have flown by, right? We celebrated in style by treating ourselves to drinks out at the Port Harford Chandlery and Pub (this place has it all: marine supplies, kayaks, coffee, sandwiches, and a pub) followed by dinner at the Olde Port Inn (a great seafood restaurant at the end of the pier). The wind was blowing up to 20 knots, making a dinghy landing rather questionable so we called the water taxi. Since we were going to be out past 4:30, we towed our dinghy in so we had a way back after dinner (and yes the oars went with us to dinner).

Today we decided it best to get some chores out of the way as our plan is to spend Thursday night in San Luis Obispo and head on to Morro Bay Saturday.

The gas needed filling, our holding tank needed pumping out, and we were completely out of water. We missed the fuel dock on our way into the mooring, and its a wonder since it was 20 feet above the water line on the pier. Dave and I were both interested as to how this was going to work. It was certainly the most difficult fill up yet, but we did it! You dock along the pier pilings and they hand down the assorted pumps and hoses. While we were there Dave grabbed some ice which means cold beer tonight to go with our tacos!

Line at the gas pump station. Hey Sal there are people waiting here so move along!
It was a climb just to get to the pump.
Ready to pump.
Fuel is only available by appointment at the pier from 8 am till 2 pm Monday through Friday. How do I get that job?