S/V Crazy Love

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Farewell Santa Barbara

I feel we really took advantage of our week docked in this beautiful city nestled between beach and mountain.

After the festivities of the 4th, we wanted to get a hike in as we heard there were some great views from the mountains and take a little break away from the ocean. We decided on seven falls, not too far outside the city. It still was a bit of an adventure to get there. We took the bus from downtown to the botanical gardens then had about a 3 mile trek up to the trail head. Not a road really meant for pedestrians but we made it. Once on the trail it was supposed to be a 4 mile out and back, but there was a bit of a wrong turn up to Inspiration Point. Once back on track, it took a bit of scrambling through a dry creek bed (this was our first clue that the 7 falls were more like 7 drips) but we made it to the end where the 3 pools were supposed to be. The pools during the rainy/wet season are supposed to be fun to swim in and cool off. I felt it best at the time to leave the swimming to the salamanders and the pools to the dragonflies. After our hike and since we failed to stop for additional change for the bus, we decided to hike it all the way back to the boat. Have I mentioned Dave runs 50 mile races for fun? (mile is not a typo)

Inspiration point was not so bad of an unplanned side trip
Lunch break at mile ??
Care to take a dip?
Dragonfly enjoying one of the 3 pools
Santa Barbara Mission on the way home from our hike

Mom and Dad Krisch came up for a visit, arriving Sunday. They helped with some provisioning (yes, new oars!, groceries, and replacement of a blown flippy floppy) and delivered our mail. We had great eats, a great visit, and a tour of the maritime museum right in the harbor.

Thanks for a great visit Mom and Dad Krisch
Santa Barbara harbor view from top of Maritime Museum

Since we've finished a few big chores on the boat (and when I say we I mean Dave's beautiful new lifelines), played tourist in a great town, taken advantage of the laundry and the showers...I believe we're ready to get back sailing! Cojo anchorage and Point Conception here we come.

Dave's beautiful splice and the shiny new hardware of our lifelines
The Point Conception lighthouse lamp in process of restoration at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum. I sure hope they have something in place currently.