S/V Crazy Love

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10 days, 100 miles

Sunday morning was moving day for us. On Saturday, we had decided against spending the $30 on a guest slip and spent it instead at the Dana Point Farmer's market. Now provisioned with fresh veggies and bread we were ready to head to Catalina Island.

Dana Point Farmers Market
Bounty from the Dana Point Farmers Market

Low winds in the morning gave us an opportunity to try out the spinnaker… can anyone say 1980s?

Spinnaker flying on the way to Catalina

Dave was like a little kid with a new toy and very pleased we were able to raise and lower this sail with little trouble thanks to the new running rig.

This is the first port we've sailed to that we had not previously been (in our boat), and it was an offshore sail. We are however very familiar with Avalon harbor as almost 5 years ago Dave and I were married on this very island.

David and Carolyn 15 July 2008

We arrived with a little daylight to spare around 8 pm and assigned mooring ball #6, front and center to the view of Avalon. 10 days, 100 nautical miles! We passed (thank goodness) the dye test harbor patrol flushed through our head to ensure Avalon Harbor stays clear and clean and are set to stay through Wednesday.

This morning we took the dinghy in and spent what I consider the best $3 on this trip to date.

$3 bargain
5 minute shower and I beat Dave

Its been a gorgeous blue sky and sunny day spent in Avalon!

View from the beach of Crazy Love moored in Avalon