S/V Crazy Love

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Oceanside to Dana Point

Monterey Bay Canners at Oceanside Harbor with Jeff and Terry

After a great happy hour sendoff at Monterey Bay Canners in Oceanside Harbor with our friends Terry and Jeff, Dave and I set sail for Dana Point. Looking at the course, it is 22 miles to the Northwest. The forcast was for 5kt to 15kt winds from the Northwest. Unfortunately that made for a close hauled bash up the coast. We expected much of our journey this summer to be like this, but we didn't expect it to be quite as slow and wet as it was.

Dave and I pulled out of Oceanside just after 9am in less than 10kts of breeze from the Northwest. We slowly made our way up the coast with one turnaround to rescue a fender that went overboard. This gives me confidence that should I go overboard, Dave might be able to pull me out of the water. By 6pm we still had 8 miles to go and the waves seemed to be getting bigger. We decided to furl the jib and motor the rest of the way to Dana Point. Four hours later (10pm), in the dark we pulled into Dana Point Harbor. Dave discovered that our VHF actually transmits as well as receives and cleared our anchorage with the harbormaster. After this bash up the coast, we have a few items that need our attention on the boat, so we will spend a few extra days here before heading to Avalon. For now, it is a day of rest.