S/V Crazy Love

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San Diego to Mission Bay

After a final trip to the grocery store with my sister Amy (Thank you Amy!) and a few last minute maintenance and organizing items, we are underway. Carolyn and I have given up our slip and turned in our keys at Harbor Island West Marina. That officially makes us nomads.

Our former slip at Harbor Island West Marina

Here's what it took for us to get here in quasi-chronological order:


  • Carolyn quit her job

January through April

  • Carolyn, her sisters and Mom get our condo ready to rent


  • I quit my job in hopes of getting the boat ready
  • Take the mast off the boat for rig and lighting work

Late April

  • Movers take a few pieces of furniture and a few boxes to be stuffed in a 5x7x7 storage unit
  • We meet our property manager
  • The property manager takes a grand total of 3 hours to rent our apartment
  • Carolyn and I have 30 hours to get the rest of our stuff from the condo into our cars
  • We move onto the boat, with all our remaining things packed in the car


  • Haul the boat out
  • Sell Carolyn's car
  • Sell Dave's car
  • Finish provisioning and organizing

That's a long list of the big things we did and it doesn't cover the dozens of little jobs we did to enable the big things. Anyways...the preparation is done and we are underway. Woohoo!

We pulled out of our slip at 1:20pm and arrived in Mission Bay at about 8:30pm. The trip was uneventful - that's a good thing - except for passing this Japanese Navy ship as we exited San Diego Bay.

Japanese ship that we assume is their Navy

We sailed in shifty, but light, southwest winds for the 16 mile ride from Harbor Island to Mission Bay. We plan to spend the weekend anchored in Mission Bay and head to Oceanside on Monday if weather permits.