S/V Crazy Love

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Drama In Mission Bay, Back from Mission Bay

We're back from a long weekend in Mission Bay. Except for a little craziness - that totally wasn't our fault - on the first morning at anchor, the trip was great.

After breakfast on Sunday morning, I noticed a power boat leaving a big wake as they motored around the anchorage. Usually a big wake means the boat is moving fast, but this one was moving slowly. I was puzzled until I noticed their anchor line in the water. When they came close, I yelled at the driver "Your anchor line is in the water!" He slowed the boat, but it was too late. His anchor had caught our anchor rode. As a result, Crazy Love was being pulled into this much larger power boat. Ugh!

I ran to the bow and prepared to fend off. I only had to give a little shove to prevent the first collision. Of course, when I pushed our bow off, our stern went straight for the power boat so I ran aft and pushed off again. At this point the fellow driving the power boat was pulling his anchor in with the electric windlass. I worried that when he pulled his anchor up he would drag our anchor with it, but that didn't happen. Luckily, the power boat's anchor came out of the water clean (or at least without anything belonging to me). After getting the anchor up, the guy just drove away. I can imagine only a Grade A hangover would cause someone to motor around Mission Bay with the anchor still deployed.

We're still planning to give up our slip at Harbor Island West and get underway on Friday the 31st. A lot of provisioning, organizing, and planning still needs to be done. Its going to be a busy week.

Some of our friends have asked how we cook on the baot. Here's a photo of our stove. It burns denatured alcohol. We do most of our cooking in the pressure cooker. In this photo, we've got onions, bell peppers, thai chilis and beans cooking in a cajun seasoning mix. In the vacuum flask above the stove, we're cooking white rice. It turned out to be a lovely, and spicy, meal.

Beans and rice for dinner. Yum!