S/V Crazy Love

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The Adventure Begins

This is a crazy thing we're doing. Carolyn quit her secure, high paying job in January and I quit mine in the middle of April, so as I'm writing this we have no income. We've also rented out our condo in North Park, so the boat is the only place we have to call home. Our intention from the beginning has been to live on the boat, but we didn't have as much time as we expected to sort through our stuff and discard everything that wasn't going to be useful on our trip. As a result, our cars are are loaded with our junk and we've been living "in a van down by the river" for the last week. Picture this, every time you take a shower you have to go out to your car to get a change of clothes. Living on the boat with all my stuff in the car is good-and-fine, but Crazy Love is in the boatyard for bottom paint, so we're mostly homeless. Fortunately, we have many great friends willing to take us in. We're currently in staying in La Mesa with Dennis and Lindsay. Thank you Dennis and Lindsay, y'alls are awesome!